Rill Unique Enterprises

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Why should I outsource my billing to RUE?

Rill Unique Enterprises (RUE) will reduce your overhead by eliminating the expenses you pay for billing, employee payroll, benefits, computer equipment and software updates, and billing maintenance and training.  We will work directly with the insurance carriers to ensure payments are processed efficiently and correctly, maximizing reimbursements for your practice.

How are claims and patient information sent to your office?

You may choose to either; (1) fax new patient/client information and claims to us, 2) upload patient/client information and claims to our secure ShareFile database system online, or 3) send us patient/client information and claims via another secure email source.  You may also prefer to send claims via regular mail or overnight to our PO Box on a regular schedule.

Can you handle clients outside of the state of Colorado?

Yes we can!  Since most transactions occur securely over fax, by computer via our secure ShareFile database system online and/or by e-mail (, RUE can serve clients located anywhere is the U.S.  Our toll free number is (800) 823-9086.  You may also visit our contact us page to request someone to contact you directly.

Do you send statements to our patients?

Yes we may.  We are able to send patient/client statements after you have received primary and secondary insurance payments and there is a remaining balance, or for claims that were justifiable denied for reimbursement.  We will also follow up with patients/clients on outstanding balances less than 90 days, sending up to three statements out to the patient/client as reminders of a balance due to you.

What happens after 90 days expires?

At that point, we suggest patient/client accounts be turned over to a collection agency.  If you do not currently work with an agency, we do have a partnership with one that only charges you for the collection after the funds have been collected from the patient.  You do not need to worry about ‘pre-paying’ for services not knowing if the funds will ever be collected.  They maintain years of experience of working specifically with healthcare providers.

Who do patients call if they have a billing question?

Our toll free telephone number is on all patient/client statements, and they are welcome to call us for any questions related to their accounts.  If you prefer to route the calls through your office, we can arrange this as well.

Where are reimbursements/payments sent?

Reimbursements are either sent via ACH directly to your designated bank account (a.k.a. direct deposit) or by check to your mailing address on file with the insurance carrier.  Your office staff will fax the Explanation of Benefits (EOB)/Remittance Advice (RA for Medicare) to our office so that we may post the payments to patients'/clients' account.  All patients/clients that are billed from our office will send the payments directly to your office as well.  You staff will fax us either a copy of the check or a listing of payments received so that we may post them to the patients’/clients’ accounts.

How long does it take to receive reimbursement?

By processing claims electronically, reimbursement times average approximately three (3) weeks.  If a claim has to be submitted on paper and therefore mailed to the carrier, times can extend to approximately four (4) to five (5) weeks.  By most states law though and for most carrier types, carriers have a maximum time of 30 days to respond to ‘clean’ claims received electronically and 45 days for ‘clean’ claims received by paper (this includes claims faxed in).  Normally a response will be an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) showing payment or non-payment, yet it may also be a request for further information to complete processing of the claim.

How much does your services cost?

Our fees are based upon your office needs.  Our goal is provide superior, quality customer support at affordable, cost effective rates.  Our fees can vary depending on your practice type, size and volume, as well as the services you need us to provide for you.  In most cases we do advice clients that if they are desiring to outsource their billing and coding services to any billing company they should anticipate being able to afford services equal to payment of at least a part time employee, minus the costs for taxes, insurance and other regular employee related expenditures.

Do you also work with individuals?

Yes we may on a limited basis.  We can assist your patients/clients with submitting claims (electronically or on paper) to the carriers on their behalf for reimbursement of services that they have already paid the provider for.  We will also converse with them to provide a one-on-one consultation to review their benefits and Explanation of benefits (EOB) received, for reconciliation purposes.  In some case, we may also assist them with an appeal.