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Alethea was a miracle! I've been in private practice for 8 years part time and 3 more full time. The one thing that kept me from getting on insurance panels was the amount of time, energy and effort it would've taken me to figure out the systems, all the different panel requirements and the minutiae of paperwork. I used to joke that you need another special expertise just to be able to do it all! Luckily, Alethea *has* that extra special expertise. She made the entire process as painless as possible. She was thorough, professional and responsive. I highly recommend Rill Unique for anyone who wants to be credentialed on insurance and Medicaid panels but doesn't have the time or expertise to do it themselves.  -  Reaca Pearl, LPC, 01/2020

Medicaid Enrollment/Re-validation Information

Yes we will help get you and your practice enrolled to accept Medicaid clients/patients nationwide!!!  We will also take care of your required Medicaid re-validation process for your group and each individual provider within the group.  All providers who are enrolled in the State Medicaid program must go through enrollment with the State Medicaid program first for most states.  The process to enroll has changed from a paper format to an online format requiring more information than before such as an individual AND a group NPI number if you are practicing under a business name.  You also must submit the correct documentation for your application to be approved.  This is now applicable to ALL provider types including mental health providers who normally only contract with the Regional Accountable Entities (RAEs) in Colorado, or similar organizations in other states.  If you are wanting help with this process, RUE will help, saving you the time and headache of making sure you get it correct the first time.  Contact us today at (800) 823-9086 or by sending an email to

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Credentialing Services

Do You Take Insurance?  If So, Which Ones?

Is this a question you get from patients/clients often?  Does your answer invite them to work with you or turn them away to someone else?  One of the most important aspects of running a successful business is ensuring a continuous positive cash flow.  While there are various payment methods you may choose to offer your patients/clients (i.e. cash, check or charge), insurance should definitely be a consideration at the top of the list.

By going thru the credentialing process with various insurance carriers, which is required to become contracted with a carrier as an in-network provider, you agree to accept a preset reimbursement rate for services rendered to your patients/clients directly from that insurance carrier *.  We will help get you credentialed with any of the major insurance carriers/plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, as well as begin your ability to start insurance claims processing today.  Most provider types nationwide can be considered for credentialing with various insurance carriers across the nation including acupuncturist and even massage therapists.  So why wait, contact us today to learn more about it!

Question: What is Medical Credentialing?

Answer:  Medical Credentialing is the process of submitting your application and various other required documents to an insurance carrier for consideration to participate/contract with them as a new in-network provider.  Credentialing with insurance carriers varies from 90 days to 120 days, depending on the insurance carrier (in rare cases, even longer depending on their volume of applications).  Once credentialing is completed and the insurance carrier has uploaded a signed contract into their system with all of the provider's information for claims payment, you are considered in-network with an effective date to begin seeing patients/clients as in-network.

Question: Why would I want to go through the process of becoming contracted with different insurance companies/carriers?

Answer:  Once you are participating as an in-network provider with different insurance carriers, you will be able to increase your patient/client base and your income/cash flow due to the fact that many patients/clients only go where their insurance is accepted!

Question: What is the current reimbursement rate for my provider type?

Answer: Reimbursement rates vary by provider type, provider licensing/education level and by region too.  However, with our extensive background of working with various provider types, we are generally able to provide you with a good estimate of what you may expect for reimbursement according to the CPT code (procedure code) billed depending on your specific provider type.

Question:  What process will I have to go through to become credentialed?

Answer:  In most cases, you will need to fill out a lengthy application, which may vary with each insurance carrierThe application provides the insurance carrier with information such as; schooling, licensing, experience, liability insurance coverage, languages spoken, etc.  Many insurance carriers are working to streamline this process with the aide of the CAQH Database which houses all of those required details for the credentialing process with the insurance carriers as well as other documents that they will require you to submit along with your application to join the network.  Once your application to join the network has been approved, then the insurance carrier will do their magic internally to add you to the network as an in-network provider under your licensed specialty.


Question:  What if I don’t know how to fill out the forms, complete my CAQH file, understand what additional documents they require or don’t have the time to do it myself?

Answer:  We will take care of the process for you completely, including creating or updating your CAQH file for you!

How can I have RUE take care of this process for me?

#1  Call us Toll free at (800) 823-9086 or send an email request for information to

#2  We will schedule a virtual meeting to learn more about your practice and contracting needs, then we will fax or email you a list of required

       information that we will need from you along with the preliminary paperwork that must be completed to get started.

#3  You provide us with all the information and other documents required by returning them to us by Fax: (877) 440-7731 or 

        Email to:

 #4  We will take care of the rest!

It is that easy!  Stop limiting your earning potential by not being able to take a patient/client because they have medical insurance to pay for your services and you don’t accept insurance as payment.  Start increasing your patient/client base by letting them know that you are flexible to their needs, by accepting insurance. Contact us today to get started.

Become an IN-NETWORK provider today!

* Some restrictions may not allow direct contracting for certain provider types with the major insurance carriers.  Instead you are credentialed with other auxiliary networks who are connected to most of the major insurance carriers.  The ability to become contracted with insurance carriers includes variables such as; provider type, practice location, specialties and other possible differentiating factors.