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Welcome! your self paced environment for medical providers to learn exactly what medical billing is and how to properly integrate insurance into your practice model allowing for you to be reimbursed by insurance carriers nationwide for your services.  Rill Unique Enterprises (RUE) works with medical providers located anywhere in the United States.  We offer them tailored practice programs to fit their needs as it pertains to working with; healthcare insurance, auto injury insurance and workers compensation insurance carriers, regardless how small your practice may be.  RUE also offers seminars and webinars for providers in private practice to teach them the basics of medical billing when they have a strong interest of working with insurance carriers.

Now we have created tailored online eCourses for specific provider types allowing for the provider to learn about medical billing own their own, at their own pace in the comfort of their home or office.  Each class is created to fit the specific needs of a specific provider type such as a massage therapist, physical therapist or a mental health provider.  As you go through each section you will learn; the fundamentals of insurance, the type of insurance plans available, the understanding of necessary medical terminology, what is necessary to successfully submit an insurance claim for payment, how to read the explanation of benefits (EOB) once payment has been received, as well the rules and regulations/laws that must be adhered too as a part of being a healthcare provider working within the insurance realm, like HIPAA.

To reinforce the material you are learning, you will have quizzes throughout the course with a final exam that must be passed with a passing score to show that you not only read the material, you also understand it.  These eCourses will enable you as a provider to FINALLY learn medical billing fundamentals from the experts in such a way that you no longer feel threatened by the thought of working with insurance carriers and also recognize when the volume of claims processing has increased to the point that you really need help.

Click your provider type below to enroll in your medical billing eCourse today!  If you do not see your provider type, continue to check back as we continue to add more eCourses.  Each course purchased is for a one (1) term to complete.  Should you not complete your course within one year, you will need to contact our customer service department for further assistance.  As mentioned, this is a self paced course so you can go thru sections within the course when you have time to complete them, log off and then log back on when you are ready to continue.  We also offer a certificate of completion and passing if you would like to present this course as a part of your licensing or professional membership CEU or CDP requirements.

"Very informative! Lots of important information!" - K. Vernon, mental health provider

"The annual updates were the most valuable reminders for me today (HIPAA, Deductibles, etc.)" - J. Donald, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

"Awesome!" - S. Larkin, Licensed Massage Therapist

"This is very informative and easy to understand!  I will tell other alternative practitioners about this great service." - R. McClinon, Personal Trainer

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